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Add: Bamboo Garden, Anji Town, Zhejiang Province
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  • AnJi LingYuan Bamboo Veneer Factory located in a beautiful, beautiful scenery and the China Township, "said Anji County, Zhejiang Province, adjacent to Angelina's famous scenic attractions Bamboo Garden. Is a enterprise specializing in the production of complex cardboard, plain panel, bridge boards, packaging boards and a variety of architectural templates. Because Anji everywhere the vast sea of ​​bamboo, Bamboo Forest 70 mu volume of 140 million, ranking the highest in the country. Ling Feng Bamboo Plywood local bamboo, through a series of processing. With this advantage, as well as spiritual abundance of heavy reputation for the quality of professional pursuit makes Ling Feng Bamboo Plywood in the years of development by the majority of customers trust and favor, not only establish a good corporate image in the peer companies. Anji Bamboo Plywood industry but also make a great contribution.AnJi LingYuan Bamboo Veneer Factory will continue to quality, reputation, efficient service for the purpose and dedication to customers are welcome to visit!

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